We are a group of technology experts. Genius Idea Studio was started in 2007 as an embedded systems development company for a few new “gadgets”. Since our start in 2007 we have grown and have 2 new divisions, GIS Marketing and Crazy Eye Studio. We are a very fast growing company. We have extensive backgrounds in electronic design, embedded systems development, Windows development, unix development and web development.

On staff we have mutliple people with certifications in networking, development and training. Our staff of experts is growing and we are here to help you and your project succeed.

We grew so fast in the internet marketing and video production area that we had to start 2 new divisions, GIS Marketing is a spin-off that focuses strictly on marketing on the internet. We have found some new secret methods we use to put your internet marketing on steroids.

One of the services we used to offer was video production and video training. That lead to us doing full blown video production for everything from training videos, commercials on local cable, corporate promos and even producing full length TV shows. This part of the business has grown so fast that we had to spin it off into a new division called Crazy Eye Studio.

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