Genius Idea Studio extends its network expertise into the network security realm as well.

With all of the attacks and the popularity of the internet, the security of your network is very important.

If you accept credit cards for your business then you also must follow the PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standards.  The network security engineers at Genius Idea Studio are very familliar with multiple security standards including the PCI standards and can work with you and your company to become PCI compliant.

But our knowledge goes far beyond just the PCI and related security regulations.  We have CISSP certified security engineers that know firewalls inside and out, we can perform penetration testing, install many different security appliances, configure them and teach you and your staff how to use them and what the results mean.

We are here for you also if you are looking to outsource your complete network security solution.  You may have no interest in knowing anything about firewalls and security regulations and want to take a completely hands off approach to the whole network security idea.  Well Genius Idea Studio is here for you too.  We can install and remotely manage all of your security needs and perform all of the audits that are required to meet the reporting regulations.

Are you not even sure what we just said?  That is ok, we speak plain english to you.  Give us a call at 240-575-5302 and talk to one of our knowledgable engineers.