Electronic design and embedded systems development is one of our favorite things to do, and we are very good at it too.

We get involved in all stages of design and development of devices, projects and more.

We can design the whole electronic system for you, build a prototype for you from your designs, work with you to complete a design, design and layout the PCB, write the code for the project, etc.   We can even create the mechanical drawings needed for cases, etc.

We are a full service electronic design firm and can integrate your product with a number of different CPU and CPU Platforms including but not limited to the PIC chip line of products, AVR (Amtel) and multiple single board computers like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Riotboard, Intel Edison and many more.

If the product owner allows us to, we will have it in our gallery area.  In addition to the electronic design, some of the products we created the whole product, even the packaging and user manuals.  There are some products that you are probably familliar with that we are not allowed to list though.

For some great examples of what we can do, checkout our Arduino, Raspberry pi and Beaglebone Black add-on boards we have designed and are for sale.  Also, the H3J products we 100% designed and built by us.

To talk with a knowledgable representative, give us a call at 240-575-5302.